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Forget the quick fix.

Find your weight once and for all.

Next Free Introductory Session

6th January 2020 5-6pm
Physio on the River (Barnes)

We start new groups regularly. Register your interest below and we will keep you informed.

A Weight Off Your Mind is an evidence-based programme run by Registered Nutritionists. It combines best practices from weight loss nutrition science with cognitive & behavioural approaches, with a strong focus on long-term weight maintenance. 


Our programme is truly unique - it is informative, relevant, fun, inspiring and positive. We offer a non-judgemental environment where you can learn, share and exchange.

We run regular free introductory sessions so come and meet us to see if this is for you! 

"I’ve tried to lose weight a number of times. Nothing has worked...until I met Clem and Sharon. I have lost a stone in 10 weeks and find their programme so easy to follow. I don’t feel that I’m depriving myself or ‘suffering’ but I’m eating much more healthily" Toni, participant.


New Groups in Barnes 

starting 13th Jan 2020

at Physio on the River

2-3pm or 5-6pm

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